LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam shares how her parents felt about her debut 

Kim Garam revealed her own family’s reaction to her debut. 

In LE SSERAFIM’s interview with Weverse Magazine published on May 13, member Kim Garam, who is currently embroiled in a serious controversy over alleged school violence, had the opportunity to talk about her debut. 


When asked about her family’s reaction to the news that she was going to make her idol debut, Kim Garam said while laughing, “The first thing I did was contact my parents. They said they were very happy and proud of me. They told me, ‘I can’t believe it! You did it!’ I think my little brother sort of understands what I’m doing, too. He was so excited when he heard I would appear on TV and said he will protect me whenever I’m going through a hard time.”

Kim Ga-ram

Meanwhile, Kim Garam’s parents were also mentioned in the shocking statement by their daughter’s alleged victim of bullying released earlier today (May 18). Accordingly, in 2018, when Kim Garam was punished by the School Violence Countermeasures Committee for her behavior, her parents also received 5 hours of special education for parents whose children are perpetrators of violence.

Source: weverse

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