Lawyer “Lee Sun-kyun’s drug use allegations, there are some points I don’t understand”

In the center of drug administration suspicions, actor Lee Sun-kyun, who claimed to have been deceived by the adult entertainment establishment head A, faced questioning as to why he did not report to the police

On the Nov 6th broadcast of YTN’s “News LIVE”, Lawyer Kim Kwang-sam raised concerns about Lee Sun-kyun not reporting to the police despite being deceived by the adult entertainment establishment head A into taking drugs and handing over 350 million won.

On that day, Lawyer Kim explained, “Drug use is a deliberate offense. Whether it is recognized as a crime depends on whether you intentionally took drugs.”

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Lawyer Kim continued, “Since A’s statement exists, drug administration is true, but if Lee Sun-kyun says ‘It wasn’t my intention’, he can’t be punished. Isn’t A stating that A threatened Lee Sun-kyun and received 350 million won? If, in the event that Lee Sun-kyun didn’t intentionally take drugs and took them against his will, he should have reported it to the police. He claims he didn’t know it was drugs. If he’s being threatened based on this, wouldn’t it be right not to pay the money?

Lawyer Kim argued, “From Lee Sun-kyun’s perspective, since he’s such a famous celebrity, just doing that itself could be a fatal blow to him. Therefore, I don’t know if he did it to settle it somehow, but fundamentally, he should have asked the police for help.”

Mentioning that the police secured evidence through mobile phone digital forensics during Lee Sun-kyun’s first summons investigation, Lawyer Kim said, “Even if he denies it, A’s statement has credibility. If the contents supporting A’s statement come out in mobile phone digital forensics, Lee Sun-kyun will be in a position to be punished.”

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Lee Sun-kyun is under suspicion for drug administration at the residence of the adult entertainment establishment head A in Gangnam, Seoul since early this year.

Upon the revelation of the drug suspicions last month, Lee Sun-kyun submitted a complaint, stating that he received continuous threats and coercion from A, resulting in the transfer of 350 million won.

Lee Sun-kyun received negative results from both the preliminary and precise drug test. Based on the evidence obtained through mobile phone digital forensics, the police plan to conduct the next summons investigation soon.

The Incheon District Prosecutor’s Office indicted A on charges of psychotropic drugs and marijuana under the Narcotics Control Act.

Source: Wikitree

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