Latest Appearance of a Top Actor Who Quietly Enlisted in the Military after Unexpected School Violence Controversy

Military training camp photos of a top actor, who was unexpectedly embroiled in school violence controversy, are garnering attention after his quiet enlistment.

Recently, a post titled “Nam Joo Hyuk’s Recent Whereabouts” has gained attention on major online communities in Korea. The post contains pictures of Nam Joo Hyuk at the training camp.

Nam Joo-hyuk military

In the photos, Nam Joo Hyuk is posing with his fellow trainees in front of cherry blossoms. His tall stature and handsome face with a short haircut stand out, capturing attention with his striking visuals.

Last month on March 20, Nam Joo Hyuk enlisted in the Nonsan Army Training Center in Chungnam Province, where he will receive five weeks of basic military training. He has reportedly been selected as the leader of the trainee squad. 

The squad leader is a position that trainees themselves select and is responsible for disseminating orders from superiors to the squad and representing the squad during roll call. The position is often given to people who are older, have a good personality, excellent leadership, or mission execution skills. 

After completing basic military training, Nam Joo Hyuk will officially begin his military service as a member of the military police’s task force.

Last year in June, Nam Joo Hyuk was accused of school violence, which caused controversy. His agency denied the allegations immediately, but another school violence victim came forward, prolonging the controversy. However, the agency later confirmed that the allegations were false after verifying the facts through various sources. 

Nam Joo-hyuk thumbnail

Since then, interviews with alumni and homeroom teachers who supported Nam Joo Hyuk, saying he was a good student, have been reported regarding the controversy. Still, suspicions over alleged Nam Joo Hyuk’s school violence have not been completely resolved.

Source: Wikitree

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