After nearly a year of halting activities, Kyla’s current appearance makes KPOP fans believe she may not be able to return to her group

After returning from the United States for health treatment, it seems that Kyla gained more weight, and showed no signs of improvement in her appearance.

In October 2017, Kyla of Pristin decided to leave the group temporarily due to health and mental problems. Pledis Entertainment said that Kyla wouldn’t participate in Pristin’s promotional activities, and had to return to the United States for treatment.

Kyla was netizen criticized, and she was said to be overweight compared to a normal person, not to mention the standards of an idol. Besides, Kyla seemed to be struggling when moving and dancing. Despite of the stylists’ efforts, Kyla’s body can not be hidden. She was not as popular as other members of the group. After that, Kyla completely “evaporated” from KPOP entertainment. After a year, KPOP fans started to find out Kyla’s current image through social network and her friends.

It can be seen that Kyla is now out of stress and becomes more comfortable. However, it seems like Kyla has not solved the problem of her weight. Back from the United States, Kyla shows no signs of losing weight, and she even becomes chubbier. America is famous for its fast food, buttery and fatty foods, so it is not a surprise that Kyla can not lose weight. According to Kyla’s current condition, netizens think that it is difficult for her to return to promote with the group.

Sources: tinnhac

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