Kwon Mina continued to expose Jimin, “ChoA and Go Eun Bi were also victims of Jimin’s bullying”

Kwon Mina, former AOA member, revealed the conflict with her sister and mentioned various names of her fellows.

On October 7th, Kwon Mina uploaded another long post on her Instagram after exposing her older sister.

Kwon Mina brought up her conflict with Jimin again; she said, “Why do victims have to shut their mouths, suppress everything, and pretend to live a new life happily? In this world, if the victims talk too much, they would become the perpetrators. This is so unfair.”

At the same time, Kwon Mina claimed, “Seo Yoo Kyung, Choi Yoo Kyung unnie, Park ChoA unnie, Go Eun Bi unnie and me, Kwon Mina, are the victims that I know.”

She said that Yoo Kyung (Seo Yoo Kyung) and ChoA (Park ChoA), who left the group in the middle of AOA’s activities, and Ladies’ Code Go Eun Bi were all victims of Jimin’s bully.

Kwon Mina shared, “Victims usually feel embarrassed and just have to go back to do their jobs. It is because they know it would be better if they hid it. But I don’t like it. I want to be honest and say everything. Some of them said “No” and denied everything in order to start a new life. But I knew it all.”

In addition, regarding the reason why she continued to expose Jimin, Kwon Mina said, “It’s because I had to give up my dream and endured longer than them. It had it for 10 years. And it was harder than I thought.”

Then, she poured out her frustration, “You don’t understand how I feel, but you can’t judge me recklessly like that. Now I have nothing to fear or lose anymore.”

In July last year, Kwon Mina caused a stir by claiming that she tried to risk her life with an extreme choice after exposing that she was bullied by Jimin for 10 years during AOA’s activities.

In June this year, she was criticized by netizens for her ex-boyfriend’s two-timing scandal.

In addition, Kwon Mina also received harsh criticism after the conversation between her and Jimin when Jimin apologized to her. Then, the public opinion started to turn their back on her after knowing that she used to say abusive words towards staff and threaten Jimin with text messages for months.

This time, she posted the conversation she had with her older sister to reveal their conflict over tax issues and contracts for high-end foreign cars.

Moreover, Kwon Mina announced several times that she would quit using Instagram but still return to SNS activities after a while.

Source: insight

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