Korean actress said to be “new generation Suzy”: beautiful, talented, but constantly lands failed works

Despite being compared to the famous Suzy, this Korean actress unfortunately leads an unremarkable career.

Having debuted 4 years ago under JYP Entertainment, actress Shin Ye Eun is now gaining attention via a supporting role in the web series “Yumi’s Cells”. Her role, the newly-recruited intern Da Eun, has feelings for the male lead Bobby Yoo, played by GOT7 Jinyoung. Despite her lack of screentime, Shin Ye Eun manages to shine with her gorgeous visuals and the brightest smile. 

Born in 1998, Shin Ye Eun is a highly-anticipated actress early in her career. Her innocent and bright appearance is often compared to idol-actress Suzy, who’s so popular she’s nicknamed “the nation’s first love”. However, despite these expectations, Shin Ye Eun never managed to make any lasting impression throughout the past 4 years of her career.

In particular, most of her works ended up with poor performance and low ratings. Her first leading work “He Is Psychometric”, where she starred alongside GOT7 Jinyoung, also ended with a rating as low as 2.3%. 

After “He is Psychometric”, Shin Ye Eun moved onto the drama series “Meow The Secret Boy”, which barely surpassed 1% in terms of viewership ratings, despite being aired on the public channel KBS. 

The failure of “Meow The Secret Boy” is then followed by “More Than Friends”, which was released in 2020. Despite the cable channel JTBC growing strongly at the time, Shin Ye Eun, through this drama, experienced a rather miserable rating of 1.3%. 

With 3 continuous failures, Shin Ye Eun no longer assumes leading roles, instead just appearing as cameos in various series. Instead of “the next Suzy”, she started to be considered “the rating poison” for K-dramas, to the point she felt responsible for the failures of them. This is an unfortunate case, as Shin Ye Eun has both talent and visuals, but was unable to shine due to poor choices of scripts. 

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