Korean Media Sparks Debate Over Claim That ‘TWICE Will Replace BLACKPINK’

Comparing TWICE to BLACKPINK is currently seen as a publicity stunt by JYP.

TWICE recently made a comeback with their 13th mini album, “YOU-th.” TWICE has also garnered attention with their record-breaking ticket sales for concerts in South America. However, the JYP girl group has become a topic of controversy as Sports Seoul – a reputable Korean news outlet – recently claimed that “TWICE will replace BLACKPINK.”

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Specifically, Sports Seoul reported on TWICE’s new achievement with the headline “TWICE in their 10th year sweeps stadiums with 50,000 seats! Filling the gap left by BLACKPINK.” 

Furthermore, the article listed various figures and sparked intense debate by asserting, “…The music industry predicts TWICE’s power will spread throughout Asia and globally, including the U.S., replacing BLACKPINK’s spot.”

Continuously mentioning BLACKPINK with comparisons of achievements has reignited a “war” between fans of both groups.

In recent years, TWICE has lagged behind BLACKPINK in terms of popularity. After the success of the mega-hit “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” BLACKPINK made strides internationally, setting unprecedented records. Especially after the world tour “Born Pink” attracted over 2.1 million audiences, the global media hailed BLACKPINK as the “biggest girl group in the world.” BLACKPINK’s success has transcended the borders of Korea.

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Meanwhile, TWICE has been struggling on domestic charts. Despite yearly comebacks and a strong fandom built for years, they have failed to make significant impacts with the public. For example, TWICE’s latest releases, both the English single “I Got You” and the EP “YOU-th,” record underwhelming results on the charts.

Netizens harshly reacted to the assertion that “TWICE’s music power will replace BLACKPINK.” Many believe this to be a publicity stunt, or media play, by JYP following TWICE’s successful stadium tours, including the one in Mexico where they sold more tickets than BLACKPINK’s show at the same venue.

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Recently, despite BLACKPINK undergoing post-YG departure turmoil and no group comeback plans, Jennie still set new records on her own with “The Idol” OST  (without promotion) – “One Of The Girls.” Both the aforementioned article and JYP received criticism from fans for using media play that could affect TWICE.

Source: K14

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