Korean Media Believes JYP’s Performance At Blue Dragon Awards Should Be Praised, Not Rejected

Korean media outlet StarNews recently posted an article praying Park Jin-young’s passion for music

Park Jin-young took the stage to celebrate the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards held at KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul on the 24th of last month and performed a medley of four songs, including “Sweet Dreams,” “When We Disco,” “Take On Me” and “Changed Man.”

The singer wore smokey makeup and an all-white outfit. Then, when he took off his mask, revealing a purple full-body suit. Park Jin-young then sang enthusiastically while walking on stage with a standing microphone. Many actors at the event showed unpleasant reactions when watching his performance.

Park Jin-young also drew attention for his unstable vocals. His voice was actually shaking a lot because he danced throughout the performance, however it showed that it was 100% live and no live AR was used.

Immediately after the performance, many people criticized the singer, telling to retire or “Do such makeup only at your concert.” On the other hand, some people praised his spirit even 30 years after his debut.

Park Jin-young’s recent performance is not surprising, considering his wearing plastic pants in the past. However, Park Jin-young’s music, dance, costumes, makeup, and concepts still lead to a heated debate. StarNews raises a question “Decades after his debut, is the veteran singer’s unconventional attempt just a mockery that raises eyebrows?”

Park Jin-young is a singer who has always been the opposite of mainstream choices. Because he was ahead of his time with bold attempts, he always became a public judge and a mockery. StarNews compares JYP with Lady Gaga, Lil Nas X, and Sam Smith, who have become world stars with their uniqueness. Lady Gaga is now praised as an artistic genius, but early on in her debut, people considered her every move bizarre. However, soon afterwards, the local public respected and enjoyed her sense of challenge and shared her artistry.

StarNews points out criticism on the creator’s creative performance with malicious slurs just because it is uncomfortable and strange is an oppression of artistry.

Park Jin-young recently appeared on a YouTube channel and said, “I love performing on stage. I also did a drug test when I debuted. The police came to me after receiving a report and said I was taking drugs, since there’s no one dancing like me, doesn’t it look crazy?”

He said, “I don’t need drugs. Whenever I go up on stage, I enter a world I don’t even know. When I see the audience and the lights come on, I become free,” expressing his pure passion for music.

Until now, Park Jin-young’s music and performance have always been properly evaluated only after some time has passed. Everything was like that, including his unconventional costumes, direct lyrics, and intuitive choreography. Perhaps the day will come when his stage at the Blue Dragon Film Awards will be reevaluated, like his plastic pants that were mocked 30 years ago

Source: naver

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