aespa Karina already achieved 100 wishes from her bucket list?

Karina, a member of aespa, is already living an admirable life, having completed around 100 childhood wishes. 

Recently, a behind the scenes video of aespa’s Japan Live Tour, which features aespa Karina, has gone viral across the net. In particular, in the video, Karina talked about her bucket list. 

According to Karina, she recently visited home and discovered a diary which was written when she was young. In the diary, there was a bucket list, and Karina’s mom said it’s the female idol’s lucky note.

The bucket list has about 100 wishes made by Karina when she was young, including dreams like joining SM Entertainment as an artist, standing on the same stage with BoA, and so on. Now, as an aespa member, Karina has achieved most of them, drawing admiration. 

The female idol said, “I feel like I always had a dream.  Recently I went home and found a diary that I wrote when I was young. There’s a bucket list, the first one is to join SM. Also to perform with BoA unnie on the same stage. There were about 100, I’ve achieved most of it”.

Karina’s sharing has immediately grabbed the attention of netizens, who shower the aespa member in praise. They also left comments such as, “It is easy to see how determined and hardworking she was” and “Karina is professional and realistic, she set out goals and achieve them”.

Source: VKR

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