The most mysterious wife in the Korean acting industry: Gorgeous, talented, but gave up all for family

This successful Korean actress married a just as successful actor, making for quite a power couple.

Outstanding visuals, admirable acting career

Born in 1979, Lee Na Young is an iconic Korean actor, who is well known for her “golden-ratio” face, with a nose so perfect plastic surgery centers use it as a staple standard. With her gentle facial features and perfect physique, the actress was also named one of the most iconic beauty on the Korean screen.

Lee Na Young entered the entertainment industry as a model, before moving on to acting with various minor roles in “Did We Really Love?”, “KAIST”, and “Queen”. She then nailed a major role in a 2002 Hong Kong sci-fi movie called “Dream Of A Warrior”, before becoming highly popular via the critically acclaimed series “Ruler of Your Own World”. In the following years, Lee Na Young’s career saw constant rises, making her one of the top paid models in Korea and even winning Best Actress at the prestigious Blue Dragon Film Awards. Throughout her career, Lee Na Young has truly improved from a model mostly known for her visuals to a truly capable actress who surges through her talents and determination.

Unexplainable relationship with Bae Yong Joon, happy marriage with Won Bin 

In 2010, rumors about a secret relationship between Lee Na Young and famous actor Bae Yong Joon, who was her co-star in “Did We Really Love?” started to spread. According to the source of this rumors, Bae Yong Joon constantly supported the actress, helped her enter his company, and the couple even got engaged. However, the two’s agencies quickly refuted all claims, but netizens were left wondering if this was the truth for years later. Suspicions rose to an all time high when Lee Na Young eventually joined Yong Joon’s company and never interacted with him again, despite once claiming to be close friends. 

In 2013, Lee Na Young once again made headlines after rumors of her relationship with famous actor Won Bin were spreaded. Their companies initially said the rumors were false, but eventually admitted to it after photos of them dating, suspected to have been captured back in 2011, were unveiled.  

Won Bin is an extremely private celebrity, and it seems as though Lee Na Young adopted this knack after dating him. She slowly receded from the entertainment industry, and the two held a secret wedding ceremony in May 2015. At the end of the year, Lee Na Young gave birth to hers and Won Bin’s first son, whose face, even now, remains unknown. 

It was not until 2018, 3 years later, that Lee Na Young finally came back to the large screen via the movie “Beautiful Days”. In 2019, she starred alongside Lee Jong Suk in the K-drama “Romance is a Bonus Book”, before disappearing again and not taking on any new project ever since. Even her daily life photos are rather published, and the only thing netizens know about the actress’ current situation is that she’s as happy as ever in her marriage with Won Bin. Lee Na Young is thus the most mysterious wife in the Korean entertainment industry. 

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