Korean actors who were not paid properly after finishing their roles 

Industry officials say production companies failing to pay actors properly due to loss is a serious issue in Korea. Here are 9 examples.

Gong Seung Yeon and Jung Yoo Mi were cast members of KBS2’s 2016 drama “Master: God of Noodles”. The two actresses later revealed that they did not receive enough payment for their parts. At the time, Jung Yoo Mi’s agency revealed, “She did not receive a payment of 80 million won (approximately $75,200) from “Master: God of Noodles”. We don’t know exactly when she will be paid.”

According to Osen, Gong Seung Yeon’s agency released a similar statement, saying, “Gong Seung Yeon received a part of her contracted payment from KBS, but the amount from the production company has not been paid.”

Around the same time, many actors namely Kim Woo Bin, Goo Hye Sun and Kim Min Jung also spoke up about not being paid enough. MyDaily reported that Kim Woo Bin signed a contract with an advertising agency in March 2013. But to this day, he has not been paid the amount of 66 million won (about 60,900 USD).

kim woo bin

The Herald Pop said that Goo Hye Sun‘s agency has not yet received money for one of her drama roles. “We took legal actions. We are working with the Korea Entertainment Management Association for a solution,” the company said. Goo Hye Sun is owed a total of 260 million won (approximately $240,100) from the production company of a drama she starred in in 2011. The court ordered the production company to pay Goo Hye Sun the said amount, but years later, Goo Hye Sun remains unpaid. 

Kim Min Jung starred as the main character in MBC’s 2009 drama “Strike Love” but did not get paid properly. She was owed 105 million won (equivalent to 98,700 USD).

kim min jung

The same thing happened to Sung Yu Ri when she acted in the 2009 drama “Swallow the Sun”. In 2018, almost a decade after the series ended, Sung Yu Ri still did not receive full payment. Sung Yu Ri’s company repeatedly contacted the Korea Entertainment Management Association to claim 80 million won ($75,117) but failed.

sung yu ri

Lee Na Young, Lee Jung Jin and Rain co-starred in the movie “Fugitive: Plan B” and were not paid enough because the film’s production company eventually shut down and stopped operating.

Source: Zing

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