Koo Jun Yup & Barbie Hsu rumored to have secretly given birth to twins in Korea

It is rumored that CLON Koo Jun Yup and Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu have recently welcomed twins in Korea.

Chinese media outlets, such as Sina Finance and Sohu.com, recently reported, “Barbie Hsu gave birth to twins secretly in Korea on August 20th. Koo Jun Yup’s mother, who thought her son would not have children, even shed happy tears at the news of the couple having twins.” 

The media emphasized that the photo showing Barbie Hsu lying in bed without makeup and an appearance with weight gain released earlier this month was evidence of her pregnancy. 

Barbie Hsu

According to the media, Barbie Hsu could be seeking a higher amount of child support since she doesn’t have a stable source of income after divorcing her ex-husband Wang Xiaofei. In fact, Barbie Hsu reportedly asked Wang Xiaofei to pay 60 million yuan (about 10.7 billion won) as a deposit to meet their children and requested 4 million yuan (700 million won) to be paid in advance. 

Barbie Hsu

Koo Jun Yup and Barbie Hsu have been suffering various kinds of fake news since they got married. Ex-husband Wang Xiaofei and ex-mother-in-law Zhang Lan raised many rumors against Barbie Hsu, such as adultery, assault, drug use, etc. Eventually, Barbie Hsu sued the two for defamation and announced legal actions against malicious commenters and people who spread false news.

Source: Daum

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