BABYMONSTER Delights Fans with Surprise ‘Stuck In The Middle’ MV Reaction Release

The MV reaction video for YG's rookie girl group BABYMONSTER’s pre-release track 'Stuck In The Middle' was unexpectedly released on Feb 12th

As the music video played and members appeared one by one, BABYMONSTER joyfully exclaimed, “So beautiful,” “A princess has appeared,” towards each other. 

The members’ faces, unable to hide their embarrassment from the continuous compliments, also brought a pleasant smile to viewers’ faces.

They were amazed at the scenes that portrayed a fantasy fairy tale world with CG. BABYMONSTER members expressed satisfaction, “There was a lot of green screen shooting, but seeing it completed like this is really beautiful.” 

They also shared the behind-the-scenes atmosphere where they held back laughter during eye contact scenes.

Following the pre-release track ‘Stuck In The Middle’, BABYMONSTER will release their first mini-album on April 1st. With this album, Ahyeon will return, and they plan to actively promote as a seven-member group. 


The members expressed their hope for fans to look forward to the upcoming songs and to show lots of love for ‘Stuck In The Middle’ until then.

The ‘Stuck In The Middle’ MV is receiving praise for its stylish direction and the dazzling aura of the members. After ranking first as the ‘most viewed video within 24 hours’ immediately after its release on Feb 1st, it soared to the top of the global YouTube daily popular music video chart and has steadily surpassed 44.87 million views.

Source: daum

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