“Kokdu: Season Of Deity” is slammed with criticism right before its airing date due to Kim Jung Hyun’s past scandal, will the cast and crew be affected this time? 

Despite a two-year hiatus, Kim Jung Hyun is still not welcomed with open arms. 

“Kokdu: Season Of Deity” starring Im Soo Hyang and Kim Jung Hyun is set to air on the end of January on MBC. The series is a fantasy romantic drama following Kokdu, a fallen deity who made a mistake and was made the Grim Reaper. His task is to lead the spirits of the dead to the other side. After 99 years, Kokdu is granted to return to the realm of the living, as Do Jin Woo, a person who looks just like him. In this realm, Jin Woo has a romantic relationship with the visiting physician, Han Gye Jeol (Im Soo Hyang). Their relationship quickly comes into obstacles due to their origins and mysteries from the past. 

Kokdu Season Of Deity
Kim Jung Hyun Kokdu Season Of Deity
Kim Jung Hyun in “Kokdu: Season Of Deity” (Image: MBC)

This is Kim Jung Hyun’s return drama after 2 years due to personal scandal. While the drama is close to its airing date, many negative feedback is pouring in because many audience members feel they aren’t ready to welcome the actor back to the screen. In the past, the actor was caught in an attitude scandal with Seohyun while filming for “Time” and left the crew near the end of production, leaving many people affected. When the actor was criticized, Jung Hyun jumped to blame ex-girlfriend Seo Ye Ji for “controlling” him. Nonetheless, the actor was still under fire for trying to set others up to take the blame for him. 

seo ye ji kim jung hyun
Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ye Ji (Image: Naver) 

The shocking scandal caused his career grind to a halt. More surprisingly, upon this comeback, the broadcast behind his drama is MBC, the same station that was in charge of “Time.” As this relationship is still too difficult, fans feel they cannot accept his comeback at this moment. 

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