Kim Woo Bin shows support for the docu-film written by his “Our Blues” co-star Jung Eun Hye, who has Down syndrome 

Jung Eun Hye also expressed her gratitude to Kim Woo Bin. 

On June 20th, on the YouTube channel of actress and writer Jung Eun Hye, a video was uploaded with the title, “Actor Kim Woo Bin & Eun Hye, ‘Please fill the theater seats’ #Your Face Premiere #Get Tickets Now”.

In the video, Kim Woo Bin cheered for Jung Eun Hye. He said, “Finally, Eun Hye’s documentary film ‘Your Face’ is released. Congratulations. I hope you all go to the theater and find out what Eun Hye is really like through the movie. Fighting”.

kim woo bin

Writer Jung Eun Hye responded to Kim Woo Bin’s support by saying, “Woo Bin oppa, you did a really good job, it’s cool. You are the best.” Kim Woo Bin and Jung Eun Hye worked together in the drama “Our Blues”. 

jung eun hye

She continued, “‘Your Face’ will be released nationwide on June 23rd. I’m going up against Tom Cruise of ‘Top Gun’, but there is no competition. I’m just me.”

jung eun hye

She added, “Please fill the seats in the theater so that my father, director Seo Dong Il, can continue to make movies. I love and respect you.”

jung eun hye

“Your Face” is a documentary film that vividly captures the process of Eun Hye, who has a developmental disability, to become a popular seller at Moonhori River Market and grow into a true artist.

jung eun hye

Source: nate

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