Ha Jung Woo X Suzy won Best Actor and Best Actress “I’ll act without losing my precious feelings” (2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards)

Ha Jung Woo and Suzy won Best Actor and Best Actress at the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards.

At the “2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards” held at Paradise City, Incheon on July 19th, Lee Jung Jae and Kim Go Eun presented the Best Actor and Best Actress awards.

The Best Actor award went to Ha Jung Woo of “Narco-Saints”. He said, “I feel ashamed and honored to receive the award in front of senior Choi Min Sik, whom I respect.”

He continued, “First of all, thank you for loving ‘Narco-Saints’.” He added, “I’ll share this joy with director Yoon Jong Bin, Jo Woo Jin, Park Hae Soo, Yoo Yeon Seok, senior Hwang Jung Min and Bong Sik. I’ll share this joy with all the actors and staff. Thank you.

The Best Actress award belonged to Suzy of “Anna”. She said, “Thank you so much. It’s an honor to be nominated alongside the seniors I respect. Thank you for giving me such a big award.”

She confessed, “For me, ‘Anna’ was a work that I was so afraid and greedy about.

She shared, “The process of choosing and all the moments of filming are very precious and meaningful to me, and they’ll remain in my memory forever.”

Suzy said, “Thank you to the director and staff for working hard for ‘Anna’ as well as creating an unforgettable filming set. Thank you for creating a good work.”

In addition, she mentioned, “Thank you to Eun Chae, Jun Han, Ye Young, many seniors and colleagues for being with me and leading me well.”

She expressed her gratitude, “Thank you so much to the staff who made Anna’s styling. My manager also worked hard.” Besides, she emphasized, “I want to say thank you to our Management SOOP family who always support us.

Finally, she promised, “I think this is an award I receive on behalf of all these people. I’ll act without losing my precious feelings.

Source: Daum

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