Kim Tae Hee, Oh Yeon Seo and Seo In Guk’s agency recruits a rookie actress with “infinite potential” 

Rookie actress Han Ga Eul signed an exclusive contract with Story J Company.

On November 29th, Story J Company said, “We are happy to be with Han Ga Eul, who has infinite potential. We will actively support her for her leap and growth as an actor. We ask for your love and interest.”

Han Ga Eul

In the profile photos that were released along with this announcement, Han Ga Eul draws attention with a neat short hairstyle and outstanding features. She boasts a contrasting charm by exuding a more mature and chic aura in a black turtleneck and black pants outfit, as well as pure and innocent vibes in a basic white shirt and jeans.

Han Ga Eul

Han Ga Eul debuted as the main character in the music video for Nam Young Joo digital single ‘Again, Dream’, released on November 9th. She did a good job expressing various emotions such as nostalgia, sadness, and confusion. In particular, Seo In Guk, who is also managed by Story J company,was in charge of producing and directing this music video, creating an extraordinary synergy.

Han Ga Eul

Story J Company is house to Kwon Soo Hyun, Kim Dasom, Kim Seo Kyung, Kim Seong Cheol, Kim Jeong Hyun, Kim Tae Hee, Park Seong Hyun, Bae Yu Ram, Seo In Guk, Oh Yeon Seo, Wang Ji Hye, Lee Si Eon, Lee Wan, Joo Min Kyung, Tae Won Seok, Heo Jun Ho, and Hong Wan Pyo. Expectations are high on what projects Han Ga Eul will join after finding a new agency.

Source: Wikitree.

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