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Kim Shin-young “I went to the Philippines with BTS three times” (Map to Go Back)

“Map to Go Back” Kim Shin-young unveils her special Philippines travelog with world star BTS for the first time.

Channel S’ original entertainment show “Map to Go Back” is the only map that will penetrate the blocked sky path in the COVID-19 era as well as an online world travel program that makes overseas travel in your memories a reality. It is well-received as Columbus of the travel industry that introduces new travel destinations emerging after COVID-19. In episode 26 – Philippines special episode of “Map to Go Back”, which will air today (Sep 22nd), Choi Tae-sung and Kim Sae-rom will accompany travel partners Kim Shin-young and Lee Seok-hoon on an online trip.

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In a recent recording, Kim Shin-young made everyone’s ears perk up by saying, “I’ve been to the Philippines in a chaotic way.” She revealed that she traveled to the Philippines with world star BTS. Moreover, Kim Shin-young turned the studio upside down once again as she recalled, “At that time, the Philippines was in chaos. That’s how I’ve been with BTS three times.” In addition, Kim Shin-young shared special travel secret stories with BTS, raising expectations for the main broadcast today (Sep 22nd), when Kim Shin-young and BTS’ extraordinary relationship will be revealed.

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On the other hand, this day’s broadcast raises expectations as it plans to introduce hidden travel destinations in the Philippines, which is called a resort paradise. In particular, it is said that Puning Hot Spring and Restaurant, which is secretly hidden in the magnificent scenery that reminds us of “Pirates Of The Caribbean”, drew everyone’s admiration. Among them, Kim Shin-young, who has experience traveling to the Philippines, added pleasure to the online trip by giving tips on how to enjoy Puning Hot Spring and Restaurant properly. Accordingly, expectations for the online trip to the Philippines, which will be introduced on “Map to Go Back”, are amplified.

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