Kim Seon Ho transforms into a mad chaser in “The Childe”, movie premieres on June 21st

Park Hoon Jung’s new film “The Childe” confirmed its release date and unveiled teaser posters as well as a trailer. 

Directed by Park Hoon Jung, who created “New World”, “The Witch” and “Night in Paradise”, “The Childe” is expected to captivate moviegoers this summer with thrilling chases and unpredictable stories. Releasing two teaser posters and a trailer, the production team also confirmed that the movie will premiere on June 21st.


‘”The Childe” tells about various forces, including a mysterious man named ‘Nobleman’, appearing in front of boxing player Marco, who wanders around illegal boxing stadiums in the Philippines, with different purposes and chasing him madly.
The teaser posters released on the 16th capture the intense chasing moments of boxing player Marco (Kang Tae Joo), the target of everyone, and the mysterious chaser Nobleman (Kim Seon Ho), who turns Marco’s surroundings into a mess. Showing Nobleman’s calm expression when aiming the gun at a target and Marco’s desperate appearance as he runs through the dense forest, the two posters create a contrast, arousing the audience’s interest. In addition, the phrase, “One target, the chase of madness”, written on the posters also heralds a fierce chase over Marco in the movie.


The trailer released together with the posters starts with the appearance of Nobleman waiting for someone with sweet background music, raising viewers’ curiosity. It introduces Marco, who becomes the target of several forces without knowing why, Nobleman, who hovers around Marco and messes up his world, Han Yi Sa (Kim Kang Woo), a second-generation conglomerate client who persistently pursues Marco, and Yun Ju (Go A Ra), a mysterious woman who accidentally meets Marco. The thrilling and exciting chases as well as intense gun battles that unfold as they chase and get chased will definitely make viewers unable to take their eyes off the screen for a moment. Finally, the scene of Nobleman showing a suspicious smile and saying, “Hello, friend. I told you I’ll see you again soon, right?”, leaves viewers wondering about the relationships that tie these characters together.


Meanwhile, “The Childe” is the new work by director Park Hoon Jung, who has established himself as an unrivaled ‘genre film master’ in the Korean film industry with intense action noir films, such as “New World”, “Night in Paradise” and “The Witch” series”. The movie has attracted keen attention ever since its casting stage as it marks the movie debut of actor Kim Seon Ho, who is loved by many viewers for his excellent performances in theater plays and dramas. In addition, rookie actor Kang Tae Joo, who was selected in an audition with a 1:1980 competition rate, actor Kim Kang Woo with 22 years of experience and actress Go A Ra, who has showcased her diverse charms through many works, join the project and show strong acting synergy.

Raising expectations with the release of teaser posters and trailer, “The Childe” will be out in all cinemas in Korea on June 21st.

Source: Daum

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