JYP Artists are “Donation Angels”?  2 Billion from Park Jin-young Alone

Artists under JYP Entertainment artists have been actively making donations, spreading positive influence widely.

Starting with Park Jin-young (J.Y. Park), the CEO and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of JYP, artists like TWICE, Stray Kids, and ITZY have been extending helping hands to those in need both domestically and internationally, reciprocating the love they receive. They have conveyed warm hearts to various organizations and have taken the lead in promoting the value of sharing by being appointed as honorary members of distinguished donor groups.

park jin young

In the past 2 years, Park Jin-young has contributed a total of 2 billion won (approx 1.5 million USD) including 500 million won each to World Vision and Samsung Medical Center in 2022 and 200 million won each to five local hospitals in Korea, including Samsung Medical Center, in 2023.

Regarding his donations, at the end of 2023, Park Jin-young said, “As a father of two daughters aged three and four, it breaks my heart to think about how difficult it must be for children and parents when they cannot afford medical treatment. I hope to be a source of strength for sick children, and to support them directly by providing funds to hospitals.” 

stray kids

Stray Kids, who boast global popularity, have also been spreading goodwill domestically and internationally, exchanging positive influence with fans. Member Felix, for instance, donated 50 million won to World Vision in February 2023. In addition, since 2020, he has been a regular sponsor and has continued to support vulnerable groups in urban areas through lunchbox donations. He also became the youngest member of the Honor Club, a member of UNICEF’s donation of more than 100 million won, in 2024.

Meanwhile, Lee Know donated 100 million won to the World Vision Global Food Crisis Response Project, alongside sponsoring overseas children through World Vision in 2014 and has partnered with a total of four children so far.

Members Changbin and Hyunjin also donated money to The Promise in March 2023, with Hyunjin donating 100 million won on his birthday in March, proving themselves as great influences towards fans. 


TWICE’s Nayeon and ITZY’s Ryujin have also been recognized for their meaningful donation activities. 

In particular, Nayeon donated 50 million won to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and damage recovery in 2020 and 30 million to assist patients who are not properly treated due to poor medical support in 2024. She also donated 200 million won to help victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria in 2023 alongside TWICE members.

On the other hand, Ryujin donated 50 million won each to the international relief organization The Promise in 2022 and for victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria in 2023.  

It also seems that JYP (both as a company and individual artists) will continue to engage in various social contribution projects in 2024. 

Source: Nate

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