Kim Seon Ho selected as the No. 1 celebrity people want to give chocolate to on Valentine’s Day

Kim Seon Ho is voted the star the public wants to give chocolate to the most on the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Seven Edu, a Korean elementary, middle and high school Internet math education company, held a poll of 56,930 people from January 17 to February 9, and the result is, Kim Seon Ho (with 28,796 votes that account for 50.6%) was selected as the No. 1 celebrity who people want to give chocolate to on Valentine’s Day.

Kim Seon Ho

Following Kim Seon Ho, BTS’s Jimin (26,827 votes, 47.1%) came in second, while Kang Daniel (641 votes, 1.1%) and Jung Hae In (493 votes, 0.9%) took third and fourth place, respectively.

Kim Seon Ho is a well-loved actor who shot to fame with dramas namely “Start Up,” “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” and variety show “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4.

Kim Seon Ho

February 14 is Valentine’s Day, a special day of the year when chocolates are exchanged between friends or lovers. In Korea, it is commonly known as the day when women present chocolate to men they love.

Regarding the reason why Kim Seon Ho was voted as the No. 1 star people want to give chocolate to on Valentine’s Day, Cha Gil Young, CEO of Seven Edu, said, “It’s because of his sweet personality and smile that captivates women’s hearts.”

Kim Seon Ho

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho is scheduled to return to the screen in the movie “Sad Tropical“, directed by Park Hoon Jung, director of The movie “New World” and “The Witch“. “Sad Tropical” is introduced to be an action noir that tells the story of a man who used to be a boxer. He becomes the target of mysterious people and is tracked down. The cast includes Kim Seon Ho, Go Ara, and Kim Kang Woo.

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