Kim Seon-ho “Nam Joo-hyuk hugged me without a word, he felt like an older brother” + Netizens’ reactions

Actor Kim Seon-ho expressed his gratitude towards Nam Joo-hyuk

Recently, a video titled “Actor Kim Seon-ho’s Daehak-ro way to work” was uploaded on the “by PDC” channel. Kim Seon-ho, who appeared walking on the street near his house, walked to Daehak-ro where his theater performance was taking place.

Regarding Nam Joo-hyuk, with whom he appeared in tvN’s drama “Start-Up”, Kim Seon-ho recalled, “In the end, it’s really important who you surround yourself with. An example would be actor Nam Joo-hyuk. I bumped into him later on after the show and he hugged me without a word.

kim seon ho

Kim Seon-ho continued, “At that moment, he felt like an older brother. Life has been pretty great so far.”

He confessed, “The director also came to see me on stage despite his busy schedule. Not only him, but the writers, too. They’re all truly my saviors.

Kim Seon-ho added, “That includes the people I worked with previously. They’re the ones who made who I am today. I also met with the director of ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ not long ago at the backstage after performing on stage. He was also impressed by my fellow actors so I said ‘They’ll be great for your next project’ and recommended them to him. That’s what I love about this field and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

The theqoo article regarding this became a hot topic with nearly 40,000 views as of the afternoon of Feb 26th. Below are some comments from Korean netizens.

– Maybe it’s better not to mention each other here.

– Almost spat out my food when I saw the title.

– I burst out laughing unintentionally lol.

– Their friendship is so touching lol.

– They suit each other well…

Source: theqoo

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