Fans are outraged by the discrimination against 2 members of BTS at the Incheon Airport 

Fans have left many messages, emphasizing that all 7 BTS members are worthy of respect and equal treatment.

On March 28th, 5 BTS members appeared at Incheon Airport, South Korea heading to the US to attend the Grammy Awards. The dashing, attractive looks of Jin, Suga, RM, V and Jimin at the airport have attracted great attention from the public.

As usual, many reporters, paparazzi and fans were present at the airport to capture the global group’s image. However, a clip featuring a conversation of Korean reporters made BTS fans extremely angry. Accordingly, 2 Dispatch reporters implied discrimination between BTS members.

Specifically, the female reporter began first: “They didn’t come in full today”. Next, the male reporter replied, “That’s right, there are only 5. You don’t need to focus on RM and Suga, just pay attention to the other 3 (Jin, V and Jimin)”. This distinction is said to be based on the popularity of the members, as Jin, V and Jimin are the three idols with a large number of fans.

The discriminatory conversation between BTS members has made fans extremely angry

With BTS‘s position in Korea and all over the world, fans are outraged that the members are discriminated against in their homeland. In addition to the indignation, the ARMY community left many messages of support for all 7 members. Each member of the group has its own and equally important role, so discrimination between them should not happen.

Not to mention, RM and Suga are two core members who produce and compose songs that resonate with BTS. That’s why it’s not fair that these two male idols are belittled compared to the other members.

All members are important and deserve to be treated equally
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