Kim Seon-ho: “I avoid my dancing ad billboard because of embarrassment”.

Kim Seon-ho, who has become a new “dance god,” confesses his unexpected hardships.

The first episode of KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “One Night, Two Days Season 4” which airs on Oct 3rd, depicts a romantic autumn picnic of six men who have returned to their childhood.

Kim Seon Ho

The members, who are excited on the picnic path after recalling their childhood memories, competed in a “dance battle” with pride. When Kim Seon-ho, who appeared confidently at the time, showed off his colorful dance moves with cute movements, Ravi – the official dancer of “One Night, Two Days” – admires his movements, saying, “Seonho’s dance has improved a lot.” DeanDean also added, “Does he learn to dance these days?”

Kim Seon-ho, who proudly showed his pride in dancing, expresses his unexpected feelings. He said, “In fact, I avoid my recent large dancing ad billboards because I am embarrassed. No matter how close the destination is, I will go the other way”, he confessed. Kim Seon-ho’s unexpected confession about how he is still shy about his dance moves, made everyone laugh.

The audience can’t wait to see what kind of dance Kim Seon-ho, who has been reborn as an unexpected dance ace, showed.

The episode will be aired at 6:30 p.m. today (Oct 3rd).

Sources: daum

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