“Kim Seon-do did try to protect his child” – The Kakaotalk conversation that overturns Choi Young-ah’s disclosure

Dispatch has just revealed the real Kakaotalk conversation that Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend – Choi Young-ah considered “trash messages”

On November 1st, Dispatch reported, “I’m going to disclose the Kakaotalk conversation between Choi Young-ah and Kim Seon-ho after Choi Young-ah received obstetrics and gynecology A treatments. These are screenshot photos that Choi Young-ah captured and sent to her acquaintances herself. Even when Kim Seon-ho was comforting her, she kept on capturing the chat”.

Kim Seon-ho

When Choi Young-ah told Kim Seon-ho about her pregnancy, Kim Seon-ho said, “Let’s think wisely and carefully. Don’t worry too much. I will try my best to explain this to our parents… I’ll take care of everything no matter what. Don’t worry. Just go home and rest”. Choi Young-ah replied, saying she felt touched by what he said. Then, Kim Seon-ho continued to comfort her and promised that he would take all responsibility and mentioned their marriage.

After that, he also talked about his movie casting. He said, “I’m worried about the money if I cancel the movie contract. My parents would be surprised by the news, but they will understand”. In response, Choi Young-ah said, “Even when we’re ready to have a child, it was still hard. I hate it when we have to take responsibility since I already got pregnant.”

Kim Seon-ho

Then Dispatch said, “After the abortion, the two still have a happy ending until the end of 2020. However, cracks between their relationship occurred in 2021 due to Choi Young-ah’s lies and private issues.”

Although in Choi Young-ah’s disclosure, she insisted that she had to change her license plate and move to another house to date Kim Seon-ho secretly, Choi Young-ah’s acquaintance revealed that everything was not because of him but was due to other reasons.”

Kim Seon-ho

In fact, Kim Seon-ho was always late to know the truth. Choi Young-ah’s acquaintance defended him by saying, “Meeting a divorced woman, facing her lies and being recorded videos of without his consent… How could he continue this relationship?”

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