Kim Sejeong Takes on Lead Role in ‘Temple’ for Theater Debut

Kim Sejeong is making her debut on the theater stage 

According to multiple entertainment industry sources on October 23rd, Kim Sejeong is taking on a theater challenge for the first time since her debut, starring in ‘Temple.’

‘Temple’ is a play inspired by the true story of Dr. Temple Grandin, a world-renowned animal scientist who was diagnosed with autism in her childhood. The play will depict Dr. Temple’s journey of accepting her unique world with the help of her mother and a supportive mentor, Mr. Kalak, after enrolling in Mountain Country High School.

Kim Sejeong will play Temple in the play. What’s particularly noteworthy is that ‘Temple’ marks her first theater challenge since her debut. While she has previously appeared in musicals, this is her first foray into theater.

Kim Sejeong

This year, Kim Sejeong appeared in tvN’s drama ‘The Uncanny Counter 2’ and made a comeback as a solo singer in September with her full album ‘Moon’ after a break of about 2 years and 5 months. Now, she continues her busy schedule with her venture into theater, drawing even more attention.

In 2016, Kim Sejeong debuted as a member of the project girl group I.O.I through Mnet’s survival show ‘Produce 101.’ She later re-debuted with the girl group Gugudan and established herself as an all-around artist, starting her acting career with “School 2017” in 2017. Some of her notable dramas include ‘The Uncanny Counter’ and ‘Business Proposal’.

Source: daum

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