Kim Sejeong reveals she’s the only Gugudan member who refused to join Produce 101

Kim Sejeong has a surprising revelation about her participation in “Produce 101” back in 2016.

Survival shows like Mnet’s “Produce 101” have become renowned for introducing some of the industry’s most famous idols.

Recently, former Gugudan member Kim Sejeong opened up about the behind-the-scenes story of her refusal to participate in “Produce 101,” a survival show that played a pivotal role in her rise to stardom. 

She revealed that the show’s PD had come to her company to scout potential contestants, but she had no intention of auditioning. At that time, her debut with Gugudan was already set in stone, and she believed that participating in the show would only jeopardize her group.  

kim sejeong

During the interview, Gugudan members were asked if they wanted to participate in the show, and while most were eager to seize the opportunity, Kim Sejeong boldly stated that she trusted Gugudan and, therefore, would not participate. Surprisingly, this answer didn’t leave a favorable impression on the show’s PD.

The producer’s initial reaction was not positive, but something about Kim Sejeong’s determination and her unwavering loyalty to her group intrigued him. In the end, it was her decision to decline the offer that convinced the producer to insist on her participation.

Kim Sejeong

What makes this even more remarkable is the fact that Kim Sejeong was the only member of Gugudan who chose not to audition for “Produce 101.” Her stance got her scolded, but it ultimately set her on a path to success.

Kim Sejeong’s candid revelation also included her initial skepticism about the show’s success. She confessed that when she first heard the theme song “Pick Me,” she couldn’t imagine its potential impact, and the dance moves seemed repetitive.

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