Kim Sejeong Confirmed as the Next Guest on ‘IU’s Palette’: Two All-Rounders Meet

Kim Sejeong is finally meeting IU on “Palette” 

On September 5th, according to iMBC Entertainment news, Kim Sejeong will appear on IU’s YouTube content ‘IU’s Palette.’

‘IU’s Palette’ is a YouTube program that combines music and talk, where IU meets various artists and celebrities, shares diverse stories, and holds events like swapping and singing each other’s songs. It has garnered significant attention with appearances by artists like AKMU, Seventeen, NewJeans, ITZY, BTS’s Suga and J-Hope, Crush, and more. 

Kim Sejeong made her comeback on September 4th with her first full album ‘Door.’ With her outstanding vocals, she ranked 2nd in Mnet’s ‘Produce 101’ in 2016 and debuted as a member of I.O.I. She then played a significant role as the core member of Gugudan. At the same time, through solo songs like ‘Flower Road’ and ‘Flowerpot,’ Kim Sejeong solidified her musical career. She also composed multiple songs like ‘Skyline,’ ‘Whale,’ and ‘Warning,’ establishing herself as a singer-songwriter.

Moreover, both Kim Sejeong and IU have showcased their exceptional acting skills in various dramas, earning them the title of ‘all-rounders.’ The meeting between these two is drawing attention to what kind of musical story they will share.

Meanwhile, Kim Sejeong’s new album ‘Moon’ has received praise for its high-quality visuals, vocal abilities, music, and performance. The title track ‘Voyage’ provides a soothing and healing experience, as if embarking on an unknown journey, as suggested by its name. ‘Top or Cliff’ is a dreamy song with a bluesy sound. Kim Sejeong personally wrote the lyrics for all 11 songs on the album, participating in the composition of 9 of them.

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