Kim Sae Ron withdrew from Netflix’s “Hunting Dogs” after drunk driving controversy, production team in hot water since filming was almost done

Kim Sae Ron’s drunk driving scandal leaves way heavier consequences than just direct public damage. 

On May 23rd, a production staff for the upcoming Netflix series “Hunting Dogs” (also known as “Bloodhounds”), gave their official stance on Kim Sae Ron’s DUI incident. According to them, after careful consideration with the team, Kim Sae Ron decided to withdraw from further filming. 

kim sae ron

However, the actress’s departure was not without heavy consequences, as according to “Hunting Dogs” officials, they were reaching the final stage of production, with most scenes having finished filming. “Further discussions about refilming and re-editing will occur among the production team,” they said. 


“Hunting Dogs” (or “Bloodhounds”), will surround three young men who delve into the loan shark world in hopes of earning big bucks, but were caught by a much scarier power. The drama is adapted from a webtoon of the same name, and is written and directed by Kim Joo Hwan – the man behind movies like “The Divine Fury” and “Midnight Runners”, while starring a main cast of Woo Do Hwan, Lee Sang, Park Seong Woong, and Heo Jun Ho. 


In the series, Kim Sae Ron was supposed to play Hyun Joo, who CEO Choi (played by Heo Jun Ho), regarded as family and is considered to be his successor. Her character was supposed to showcase cool action moves and seductive prowess, but as of the moment, the actress may be edited out of the series entirely. For now though, it is unclear if Sae Ron’s departure from further filming will affect her appearance in this K-drama. 

Source: dispatch

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