Kim Jong Kook Reveals Mimi Was The First to Wear Accessories into a Correctional Facility

Kim Jong Kook teased Oh My Girl’s Mimi for wearing so many accessories when visiting a prison.

On August 3rd, a video featuring Oh My Girl’s guest appearance was posted on Kim Jong Kook’s YouTube channel GYM JONG KOOK.

In the video, Oh My Girl learns exercise from Kim Jong Kook. Kim Jong Kook mentioned his special connections with Oh My Girl, “We’ve worked together quite a bit. In the past, I appeared as a special MC on ‘I Can See Your Voice,’ and I saw YooA on ‘Running Man.’ Hyojung’s father is my senior in high school.”

mimi oh my girl

Regarding Mimi, he said happily, “She’s my colleague. We are currently working together on ‘Authorized Personnel Only.'”

Kim Jong Kook mentioned Mimi’s active presence in the entertainment industry, “You’re doing a lot of things right now, aren’t you?” To this, Mimi replied, “Yes, I am doing a lot. I’m working hard. The season is almost coming to an end, so I’m ready to go whenever you call me.

mimi oh my girl

Then, Kim Jong Kook looked at Mimi and playfully remarked, “I’m sorry to say this, but when did you go to Saipan? Why are you so tanned?” Hearing this, Mimi laughed and said, “I’m getting darker while other members are getting fairer.”

Kim Jong Kook summarized, “There are people who like tanning and look good with fair skin.”

mimi oh my girl

Kim Jong Kook was surprised by Mimi’s sparkling accessories, unlike the other members, and asked, “How many necklaces are you wearing?

Kim Jong Kook then humorously shared, “We visited a women’s prison for ‘Authorized Personnel Only.’ When going to the prison, you have to remove all these (accessories). It took Mimi about 20 minutes to take them off. Eventually, she couldn’t take off a couple of them, so she became the first one to wear (accessories) into a correctional facility,” bringing laughter to the situation.

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