Kim Jong Kook creates an imaginary girlfriend, “We’ve been dating for 8 years and just go public recently. I call her ‘honey’”

The July 2nd broadcast of SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” showed Lee Sang Min’s last visit to his Paju House before moving to a new one after a year and a half.

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Visiting Lee Sang Min’s Paju House early in the morning, Kim Jong Kook began to tease Lee Sang Min as soon as he showed up. Lee Sang Min prepared a meal on the terrace for the guests. Announcing that he would be moving house again, Lee Sang Min shared “This will be the last time I’m here. I had lots of memories here”, revealing that he would go back to Yongsan. He added, “Isn’t it fun to move house? It’s actually quite annoying, but it gives the excitement of living a new life”.

During the meal, the three examined each other’s “love cells”. Kim Jong Min and Kim Jong Kook created a scenario in which they were introduced to Lee Sang Min’s imaginary girlfriend. Lee Sang Min even made up a story that he met his imaginary girlfriend at a department store. 

kim jong kook

In response, Kim Jong Kook also introduced an imaginary girlfriend. Kim Jong Min jokingly commented, “You have lots of muscles. Your biceps are even bigger than Jong Kook’s”. Kim Jong Kook made his imaginary sit on his lap, saying “We met at the gym and she lifted a lot of weights. She did 500kg… I was very impressed”.

kim jong kook

Lee Sang Min continued, “You must have been so upset since your relationship has just been publicized recently. You guys have been dating for 8 years, right?”. Kim Jong Min added, “You were in the US, right?”. Hearing that, Kim Jong Kook cleverly responded, “She didn’t want to go public either. She got startled every time I mentioned a girlfriend in the US on broadcasts.”

Regarding lovers’ nicknames, Kim Jong Kook said, “We’ve been together for a long time, so I call her ‘honey’”. He added, “There’s no last kiss for us. That’s something we always do”, pretending to kiss in the air.

After enjoying their scenarios, Lee Sang Min asked Kim Jong Kook and Kim Jong Min to help him organize his shoes before moving house.

Source: Daum

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