K-netizens Discuss The Biggest Difference Between Natural Beauties and Plastic Surgery Beauties

This topic has sparked a heated debate on Pann

On September 29, on the popular Korean forum Nate Pann, a netizen made a post titled “The biggest difference between a natural beauty and a plastic surgery beauty,” gathering attention.

Kim Hyun-joo

This netizen attached a photo of actress Kim Hyun-joo, saying, “I think you can see it clearly after they get older. Surgery beauties are pretty when they are young, but as they get older, their faces get worse and worse because they keep getting surgery and procedures. However, natural beauties seem to grow old naturally without feeling weird, for example, people like Han Hyo-joo, Kim Hyun-joo and Jun Ji-hyun… are so pretty even when they get older.”

In the comment section, countless netizens are pouring in with mixed opinions.

Some of the most popular comments include,

[+209,-26] This is a different story, but it’s so funny some people say that double eyelid surgery is not even plastic surgery lol I also had double eyelid surgery, but why isn’t it plastic surgery? I took anesthesia and my eyelids were torn with a knife… People are joking about this because the surgery is done that much, but I don’t want everyone to say that as a joke. You have to be aware of plastic surgery. It’s dangerous to have a mindset from an early age  that you’re the best when you’re pretty.

[+121,-4] Above all, the atmosphere that only natural beauty has cannot be created by plastic surgery beauty.

[+106,-2] This is the answer. Natural beauty is too gorgeous and can’t be beaten.

[+103,-3] To sum up, even though they may get some retouching, natural beauties have no plastic surgery that changes the shape that they were born with or breaks the harmony. Since their faces are already complete, they are rarer and more praised.

[+57,-15] You didn’t mention that Kim Tae-hee also looks different after getting double eyelid surgery. She doesn’t have that natural, innocent, or pure appearance like she did in “Stairways to heaven” anymore.

As of September 30, the original post has received approximately 129,000 views, and more comments are being made.

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