Kim Hye-soo Said She Wore Sunglasses To Hide Her Tears In Behind The Scenes Of “Blue Dragon Film Awards”

Actress Kim Hye-soo’s last image as the MC of “Blue Dragon Film Awards” was unveiled

On December 12th, a video titled “Kim Hye-soo’s Last Blue Dragon Film Award, Story Behind the Stage” was released on the “by PDC” YouTube channel.

In this video, Kim Hye-soo hugged Shin Jong-in, a former vice president of MBC, who had given her opportunity to become the MC for the “Blue Dragon Film Awards.” “I thought of him the most during the “Blue Dragon Film Awards.” I’m worried about shedding tears while watching it,” Kim said. “So I brought my sunglasses. I think he will be disappointed that I quit.” Kim Hye-soo said, “I’m not sad at all, but I’m so happy to see you.”

“It hurts because I think she will be sad no matter how much she decides. Even if she says she has no regrets, that’s not true,” former vice president Shin said, touching Kim’s heart. “He is someone I love and respect. I met him in my early 20s. He really loved and cared for me,” Kim shared.

Before going on to the live broadcast of the Blue Dragon Film Awards, the stylist checked Kim’s dress, saying, “The dress got bigger,” and hurriedly reduced the size. “This is the first time in 30 years that I have to reduce the size because the dress is big,” Kim said to her surprise.

After Kim finished hosting the ceremony, staff members shed tears and applause. After getting into the car in a relaxed mood, Kim said on her way home, “It was an award ceremony where I felt a lot of special emotions that were incomparable to any other drama. I think I will remember it as love.”

Kim Hye-soo, meanwhile, had been the host of the Blue Dragon Film Awards for 30 years from 1993. She put down her microphone after the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards last month.

Source: Sports Chosun

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