Kim Hieora’s Handwritten Letter to Dispatch Unveiled: “I Feel Ashamed of How I Lived During That Time” 

Dispatch exclusively revealed Kim Hieora’s personally hand-written letter amid school violence allegations.   

In a conversation that lasted about 2 hours with Dispatch, Kim Hieora shared her honest thoughts while reflecting on her past memories.

According to Dispatch, it’s important to note that not all memories from informants about Kim Hieora’s past are necessarily true, and the same goes for Kim Hieora’s memories. Validating memories is challenging.

Kim Hieora’s Handwritten Letter to Dispatch

Kim Hieora’s agency referred to Dispatch’s first report of her past behavior as “speculation.” However, the report is found to be consistent with the contents of Kim Hieora’s handwritten letter.

After concluding the interview with Dispatch, Kim Hieora agreed to make her handwritten letter public. 

Kim Hieora’s letter to Dispatch reads: 

To Reporter Kim So Jung,

Despite your busy schedule, you took the time to meet me, for which I am both sorry and thankful.

Even though I had many things I wanted to say, I realized that saying too much no longer holds much meaning. So, although it might be uncomfortable for you, I would like to leave a few words with you.

I acknowledge what I did during my immature teenage years and often feel ashamed of the life I led during that time. I even doubt myself and can’t remember certain things. From a young age, my name and appearance were unusual, so I always attracted attention, whether positive or negative. Naturally, I chose to seek attention and interest rather than being ridiculed and excluded, thinking that it was better to be noticed. I believe I lived with an immature mindset.

Kim Hieora’s Handwritten Letter to Dispatch

However, it’s essential to note that I never intentionally hurt or bullied anyone for personal gain or enjoyment. I have always upheld the principles taught by my teachers since I was young. During my school days, I received a lot of guidance from my teachers and was motivated to become a better person, one who could be trusted and respected. I worked hard in my school life, and from high school onwards, I sought to find my strengths and make positive contributions.

From another perspective, I may still appear reserved, with independent actions and an initial fear of new people. Or perhaps I see myself as someone with weight in others’ eyes, which is why I tend to be respected.

So, when I heard that younger peers from my past remember me as a figure of fear, I was dumbfounded. Since I never physically or forcibly dominated my friends, I never could have imagined such a thing. Reflecting on my past actions, I realized that my presence itself could have been perceived as a threat or fear to someone. This incident made me think deeply and led to a lot of self-reflection and self-blame for the youth I carelessly passed through, the times I remained silent, and the moments I overlooked. Now, as an adult, I try to utilize these traits to engage in various initiatives and contribute positively to society.

I’m not saying that I was a good person in the past, but I want to convey that I have never intentionally harmed anyone without reason.

Kim Hieora’s Handwritten Letter to Dispatch

From the moment I realized that my past was a wrong time in my life, I knew I couldn’t turn back the past. However, I have put in effort and thought into becoming a better person and a mature adult. Please remember these efforts as I continue to work hard to grow.

As I write this, it may sound like I’m making excuses, but I want to emphasize that these incidents cannot be undone. I can’t turn back to my past, but I have been working tirelessly to become a mature adult and to pursue my acting career passionately, all because of my earnest desire. If you could give me one more chance, I would like to show you my growth over time, whether through better performances or by continuously striving to be a positive influence.

Please help me just once, and I will work hard to repay all my debts. Thank you for taking the time to read this long letter. I’m sorry and embarrassed that we couldn’t meet under better circumstances. Despite everything, thank you for your time.

Source: Naver

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