Kim Hee-chul is being criticized by netizens for his rude remark towards Winner

Super Junior Hee-chul is drawing attention with his remark on “Street Alcohol Fighter”.

Kim Heechul

The 18th episode of the web entertainment show “Street Alcohol Fighter” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “STUDIO HOOK” on March 17th. Winner Kang Seung-yoon and Kim Jin-woo appeared as guests on this broadcast and challenged SM Entertainment’s “drinker” Kim Hee-chul.

Kim Heechul

On this day, Kim Hee-chul brought craft beer to the show and hosted a drinking party.

Kim Jin-woo and Kang Seung-yoon picked whiskey as their favorite drink. Kim Hee-chul laughed and said, “They drink expensive alcohol perhaps because they are WINNERs”. He added, “I prefer soju (a wordplay with ‘Super Junior’)”. Kang Seung-yoon then surprised everyone by his sudden confession, “Jin-woo hyung is also good at drinking soju. If I drink soju, my personality’s gonna change”

After that, STUDIO HOOK also released the video “Winner’s Kokain fancam from the first row”.

Winner introduced “Kokain Dance”, which has become a trend on all online sites. Watching this, Kim Hee-chul said, “Are you going to appear on PandaTV?”

Kim Heechul

PandaTV is an Internet platform that mostly airs adult content, and has been criticized by netizens due to excessively obscene broadcasts.

Internet users on the online community theqoo expressed their disappointment, saying, “Aren’t you being too rude to Winner?”, “The editor should have cut this part”, “Is this considered sexual harassment?”, “He made such remark when seeing a sexy dance, so he probably knows what PandaTV is like”, “What a thoughtless remark”, “I can’t believe he said that to his junior idol group’s members”, etc.

Kim Heechul

After the controversy broke out, “STUDIO HOOK” set the video to private. 

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