“Drunk driving” Kim Sae Ron complains about financial difficulties but gets caught playing cards at Holdeom bar?

Another witness of Kim Sae Ron, who is on trial on charges of causing a drunk driving accident, has been reported.

According to SBS Entertainment News on March 21st, it has been revealed that Kim Sae Ron frequently visits Holdeom bars and pubs with her acquaintances. “Holdeom bar” is a kind of bar where customers can enjoy drinks and food while playing a type of poker game called “Holdeom” using trump cards.

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A person claimed to have witnessed Kim Sae Ron at a “Holdeom bar” in Seoul earlier this year after getting caught for drunk driving. In an interview with SBS, they said, “I read articles and they said she reflected on herself a lot for causing the drunk driving accident during her trial, but Kim Sae Ron I saw didn’t look like that”. The source added, “Kim Sae Ron spent time playing Holdeom with a famous male game YouTuber a Holdeom bar. She didn’t seem to care about the gaze of people around.”

They continued, “It’s hard for me to consider her as someone who is suffering difficulties in life because I saw her stacking chips and enjoying Holdeom at the Holdeom bar”, adding “In addition to the famous YouTuber, she also hangs out with a very famous male singer at drinking parties quite often and enjoys a very lively social life.”


At a hearing held at the Seoul Central District Court on the 8th, the prosecution demanded a fine of 20 million won for Kim Sae Ron, pointing out that “the defendant caused an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol with a very high blood alcohol level, but fled without taking any further action, which is not a good criminal record.”

In response, Kim Sae Ron’s lawyer asked the court for leniency, citing that the actress and her family have been suffering from financial difficulties after paying damage compensations. After the trial ended, Kim Sae Ron left after leaving the short answer “I’m sorry”. The court will announce the ruling on the 5th of next month.


After then, Kim Sae Ron posted three photos on her Instagram account showing her appearance when working part-time at a cafe. However, the cafe franchise confirmed that the actress had never worked at their store. Kim Sae Ron did not release any position on this.

Earlier today (March 21st), The Fact also reported that Kim Sae Ron was spotted working part-time at a pub in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 21st of last month.

The pub is known to be run by Kim Sae Ron’s acquaintance. The witness praised Kim Sae Ron as a friendly and skillful part-timer. It has not been confirmed how long Kim Sae Ron had worked there.

Source: Wikitree

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