Kim Hee Chul Clarifies Rumors of Conflict with Namgoong Min

Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul directly explained the rumors of conflict with actor Namgoong Min.

On July 4th, a video featuring Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘TEO’.

In the released video, MC Jang Do Yeon asked Kim Hee Chul, “Is there a rumor you want to clarify?

Kim Hee Chul mentioned the episode of tvN variety show ‘Life Bar’ where he appeared with Namgoong Min in the past.


At that time, Kim Hee Chul and Namgoong Min were portrayed as if they were not getting along, throwing straightforward remarks at each other.

Kim Hee Chul explained, “I became close with Namgoong Min hyung and contacted him saying ‘It’s fun.’ But then, it was misunderstood that we had an uncomfortable relationship. Since people thought it was real and Namgoong Min felt sorry. So I said it wasn’t true. I said we can also think of it as something fun.”

Jang Do Yeon confessed, “I was almost fooled too because Namgoong Min is an actor and he has a good poker face.”


Kim Hee Chul also said, “So, the controversy was bigger than I thought at the time. On the other hand, I also discussed whether we should reveal that we are actually close with the PD. But we decided to leave the situation as it is. I think this can also be a joy that viewers can choose.”

He added, “In ‘Knowing Bros,’ I always tease Jang Hoon and Ho Dong hyungs. I hope people can enjoy those moments as they like.”

Source: Wikitree

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