Hyeri revealed her deep thoughts about acting after drama “Moonshine” ended, “I cried a lot…”

Actress Hyeri expressed her feelings about her recently completed drama.

KBS2’s drama “Moonshine” starring Hyeri was successfully finished. The actress then released a new photoshoot and an interview in the April issue of Marie Claire magazine.

Hyeri thoughts about acting

Hyeri said, “I cried a lot, not only when the drama ended but also at the moment we parted ways. However, I think I no longer regret or linger much of it after fully expressing my emotions”.  She then said, “I was sure that Ro-seo (the role she played in the drama) would be living a happy life, so I let her go”.

Hyeri thoughts about acting

Hyeri, who is gradually developing herself as an actress, also shared her deep thoughts. She said, “After spending a long time living together with my character in a work, I also have what I want from myself. I’m the type of person who tries to see whether my characters have a good influence on me”, showing her serious attitudes in acting. Regarding what she learned from Ro-seo of “Moonshine”, Hyeri said it was “Take action. Don’t just think”. She added, “I will try to say ‘let’s do it’ more often this year”.

Hyeri thoughts about acting

Hyeri also has a wish for her youth. She said, “I wish I could enjoy the last spring of my 20s and created a lot of memories”, adding, “I want to stay healthy both physically and mentally and be ready to greet my upcoming 30s diligently”.

Hyeri thoughts about acting
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