Jay Park shared a meaningful post on the occasion of Korea’s Liberation Day

Jay Park shared the MV for “DNA” released a year ago and added a touching caption. 

On August 15th, Jay Park posted the “DNA” MV by H1GHR Music on his Instagram and included a long and meaningful caption in English to commemorate Korea’s Liberation Day.  

Jay Park’s post reads, “Resources and artifacts stolen from or destroyed. Korean culture and traditions were in danger of being eliminated. Made us change our last names and the Korean language was banned all together at one point in time. Enslaved, killed, tortured, experimented on, raped, oppressed, taken advantage of and always getting the short end of the stick on our own land. War breaking out within our own people and families torn apart and millions killed. After the Korean war armistice was made, South Korea was just as poor if not poorer than North Korea. Many people starved to death and resorted to eating dirt.”

He continued, “This country has a long deep painful history that turned tragedy to triumph by hard work, determination and never ending grit. The more I learn, the more I realize I’m spoiled as f**k and the more I’m forever grateful to those who made it possible for me to have this life. The world knows us for entertainment, music and film. They will know our story soon as well. Happy Liberation Day.”

Jay Park, who has nearly 2 million followers on Instagram and plenty of fans around the world, proudly announced in detail that today is a day to commemorate the liberation of Korea from Japan in 1945 and to celebrate the establishment of the Korean government, which succeeded the law of the Provisional Government. 

Netizens praise Jay Park for using his platform to make such an important statement that not many celebrities can do. Netizens left comments under Jay Park’s post such as “Hurray for the independence of South Korea”, “Jay is a really cool person”, and “Park Jae Bum is always cool”, etc. In addition, comments by overseas fans can also be found, such as “I’m proud of your growth and you”, “Congratulations on Korea’s Liberation Day”, “You must be proud of being a Korean”.

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