Kim Hee Ae praises her “The World of the Married” co-star Han So Hee’s personality

Actress Kim Hee Ae mentioned Han So Hee.

On April 6th, a video featuring Kim Hee Ae and Moon So Hee was uploaded on the Youtube channel ‘MMTG’.


In the video, Jae Jae told Kim Hee Ae, “I heard you’re a morning person. You don’t even lie down when you rest at home. You wake up at 5 a.m. and go cycling for two hours”. In response, Kim Hee Ae said, “It’s an indoor bicycle. I’m still doing it. But for only one hour.”

Referring to JTBC’s drama “The World of the Married”, which was a hit in 2020, Kim Hee Ae poured compliments, saying “Park Hae Joon acted well. He’s a fine man”. Moon So Ri agreed, “I knew Park Hae Joon since he was a kid and he started acting in theater plays”.

Kim Hee Ae continued, “Han So Hee kept her distance from me because she was afraid that it would break her emotions and immersion while acting if she talked to me”, adding “Han So Hee will do well. She has a beautiful face. She worked diligently and prepared things carefully. She was a prepared star. That’s the reason why she’s doing so well now”.

Kim Hee Ae worked with Han So Hee in “The World of the Married”.

Source: Wikitree

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