Kim Eui-sung & Jang Hang-joon Join Bong Joon-ho In Urging Investigation Into Lee Sun-kyun’s Case

On January 11th, the Associations of Cultural Artists stated that Kim Eui-sung and Jang Hang-joon would attend the press conference to announce the statement titled ‘Demands of cultural artists facing the death of the late actor Lee Sun-kyun’ on the 12th.

The host of this press conference was originally scheduled to be BA Entertainment’s CEO Jang Won-seok, but it was changed to actor Choi Deok-moon. Participants in the press conference include “Parasite” director Bong Joon-ho, director Lee Won-tae, actor Kim Eui-sung, director Jang Hang-joon on behalf of the Korean Film Directors Association, and CEO Jang Won-seok, representative of the Korean Film Producers Association.

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The Associations of Cultural Artists said, “Witnessing the death of the late actor Lee Sun-kyun, we agreed that this should not be repeated”.

As such, the participants of this press conference will urge investigation authorities to complete the investigation thoroughly, request the media to delete articles that do not meet the purpose of reporting and refrain from reporting unauthorized articles, and demand the revision of current laws to protect the human rights of cultural artists.

Meanwhile, actor Lee Sun-kyun was found dead in his car at a park in Seoul on April 27th. It happened two months after the late actor was booked on drug charges. The deceased reportedly denied the drug allegations and also tested negative in all kinds of drug tests.

Source: Nate

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