How Colleagues Are Mourning Lee Sun-kyun 2 Months After His Passing

It's been about two months since Lee Sun-kyun passed away amidst drug suspicion

Song Joong-ki indirectly mentioned Lee Sun-kyun at “My Name is Loh Kiwan” movie talk held on March 3rd. Song Joong-ki said, “Although it’s a work with many shortcomings for me personally, when it was first released on Netflix at the end of last year, a close elder brother of mine passed away. I wrote a letter in my heart.” 

Instead of mentioning Lee Sun-kyun by name, he referred to him as ‘a close elder brother’. He expressed his hope that “My Name is Loh Kiwan” would become a movie that inspires people around, saying, “I hope it becomes a piece where I can write to the people I remember, ‘You deserve to be happy’.”

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Song Joong-ki appeared with Lee Sun-kyun in the drama ‘Triple’ aired in 2009. At the Busan International Film Festival held last year, Song Joong-ki also mentioned memories with Lee Sun-kyun. 

He said, “Lee Sun-kyun took good care of me during the ‘Triple’ filming. When I was waiting, he would take me out of the car and say, ‘Come here, kid,’ and buy me jajangmyeon (black bean noodles) and drinks during the day. I like Lee Sun-kyun.”

Lee Hee-joon recently mentioned Lee Sun-kyun in an interview. When asked what kind of senior he was to juniors, Lee Hee-joon said, “I have received a lot of influence and help from good seniors such as Kim Yoon-seok and Lee Sun-kyun. When I was unknown, Lee Sun-kyun introduced me to many works, so I was able to establish myself.”

In fact, with Lee Sun-kyun’s help, Lee Hee-joon was able to audition for director Byun Young-joo’s film ‘Helpless’. In December 2021, Lee Sun-kyun said, “I asked director Byun Young-joo. I suggested to the director a combination that I thought would suit this friend if I were a casting director. I told the juniors to come comfortably because I didn’t know what the result would be. It turned out well because those friends had good talent.”


As Lee Sun-kyun became known internationally through the movie ‘Parasite,’ he was also mourned at American film awards ceremonies. 

Naomi Watts mourned on stage, saying, “Last year, we lost numerous exceptional actors. Because of these people who moved the world with their talents, we keenly feel their absence.”

In January last year, Lee Sun-kyun also won a special award from the Austin Film Critics Association (AFCA). The Austin Film Critics Association mentioned the movies he appeared in along with the phrase ‘In memoriam of the life and works of Lee Sun-kyun’. 

Lee Sun-kyun was a warm senior to juniors walking the same path as him. As a member of the film industry, he also left behind many good works. Colleagues and juniors who bid farewell to him are mourning Lee Sun-kyun in their own ways.

Lee Sun-kyun was found dead in a vehicle in Jongno-gu, Seoul, at 10:30 a.m. KST last December. He was 48 years old. Since October, he had been investigated three times by the police on suspicion of drug use and had received negative results in preliminary (hair) and detailed (armpit hair) tests by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation. The police concluded the investigation with no indictment upon Lee Sun-kyun’s death.

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