After IZ*ONE disbandment, Kim Chaewon, Lee Chaeyeon, and Kwon Eunbi reunited on stage

The members of girl group IZ*ONE are now embarking on their respective careers, but three of them recently gathered again on stage. 

IZ*ONE (Kwon Eunbi, Miyawaki Sakura, Kang Hyewon, Choi Yena, Lee Chaeyeon, Kim Chaewon, Kim Minju, Yabuki Nako, Honda Hitomi, Jo Yuri, Ahn Yujin, Jang Wonyoung) is a project girl group formed through the Mnet’s survival show “Produce 48”. Featuring members from Korea and Japan, the group debuted in October 2018 with the title “La Vie en Rose”, and over time, released hits such as “Panorama”, “Fiesta”, “Violeta”, and “Secret Story of the Swan”. After IZ*ONE’s disbandment in March 2021, Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung debuted as members of girl group IVE, Sakura and Chaewon joined LE SSERAFIM, Nako and Hitomi returned to their old groups, while the rest made their solo debuts or joined the acting world.


Among them, Kim Chaewon, Sakura, Kwon Eunbi, and Lee Chaeyeon recently met on one stage. They made a comeback around the same time, and would support each other while standing on the music broadcast stage together. In particular, Lee Chaeyeon emphasized, “Members always contact me when they debut or comeback. I also wanted to contact them, and this time it’s finally my turn. I finally made it. We are rooting for each other.” The fact that members who once boasted the same concept now work with different charms gives fans a sense of freshness.

First of all, Kim Chaewon and Sakura debuted as members of girl group LE SSERAFIM, which began its career with the album and title song “FEARLESS” in May. The group recently dropped their new title, “ANTIFRAGILE”, which contains LE SSERAFIM’s determination to grow by accepting difficult times as time for growth. The track recently climbed to number 14 on the US Billboard 200, showing rapid growth. In addition, Kim Chaewon and Sakura showed an even more perfect appearance than in IZ*ONE and were applauded.


Meanwhile, Kwon Eunbi, who made her debut as a solo singer, made a comeback on October 12th with her 3rd mini album “Lethality”. Her title song “Underwater”, is a pop dance song with a harmony of funk, afrobeat rhythms, and deep house genres. The lyrics compare the deep and intense desire to possess a loved one with the wish to be together forever with the deep sea, whilst Kwon Eunbi’s unique powerful vocals further enhance the song’s perfection.

Kwon Eunbi

After disbanding, Lee Chaeyeon, who had no activities after her appearance on “Street Woman Fighter”, released her first mini album “Hush Rush”. The title song of the same name, “Hush Rush”, is a pop track that catches the ears with Lee Chaeyeon’s delicate vocals. Like a vampire who wakes up under the moonlight and dances freely, it contains a message about a “me” who feels the most free and makes people fall in love when they go up on stage. Moreover, through the stage of this song, Lee Chaeyeon has radiated a unique presence with her eye-catching performance skills, raising expectations that she will provide a completely different image. 

lee chaeyeon

After disbandment, IZ*ONE members give a unique feeling unlike other project groups. Attention is being focused to more activities of them in the future.

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