Shocking visual of the Korea’s national mother at a young age

Actress Kim Mi Kyung is the “mother on screen” of a series of Korean actresses.

Kim Mi Kyung is known as the “national mother” of the Korean drama. With her beauty, she used to take on the role of the mother of many famous beauties such as Park Shin Hye (The Heirs), Park Gyu Young (It’s Ok to Not Be Ok), Kim Tae Hee (Hi Bye, Mama!) or most recently is Park Min Young (Forecasting Love and Weather). Her roles are often austere, strict but extremely loving mothers who can sacrifice everything for her children.

kim mi kyung

Looking at Kim Mi Kyung‘s current image, the audience can hardly imagine her youthful beauty, especially when her teenage photos are extremely rare. When looking at the only photo that is published of the young Kim Mi Kyung, the audience could not help but be surprised by the beauty of her.  As a teenager, she possessed a fragile, clear beauty, bright eyes and a very small face. Looking at this image, many people also confirm that she is suitable to be the beauty’s mother on screen. 

kim mi kyung
The pictures of Kim Mi Kyung

Regarding Kim Min Kyung’s acting career, she debuted as a stage actress in 1985 and became a member of the Yeonwoo Mudae theater. Since 1986, she started acting in movies, mainly taking on supporting roles. In 1999, she entered the drama field. Although she did not have many opportunities to take on the main role, she is still a very familiar face to the audience and a respectable senior of many young actors.

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