KEP1ER’s debut MV draws mixed reactions over unfair distribution of line and screen time

The debut MV of potential rookie girl group KEP1ER sparks controversy. 

At 6 PM KST on January 3, rookie girl group KEP1ER officially debuted with the MV for title track WA DA DA. KEP1ER is a 9-member group selected from Mnet’s survival show Girls Planet 999 at the end of 2021. The group garners a large number of fans from the show, so their debut MV receives high expectations and attention.  KEP1ER is also a strong candidate for the winner of this year’s Best New Artist, so their debut is highly anticipated. 

WA DA DA M  – Kep1er

WA DA DA is a produced by well-known producers who were in charge of hit songs by IZ*ONE, ITZY, ENHYPEN, including Building Owner, Elum (PRISMFILTER), Shannon Bae Sungyeon (former member of PRISTIN). The upbeat dance track shows the lovely charm and refreshing energy of KEP1ER. In particular, the catchy hook “Wa da da, Wa da da, KEP1ER go Wa da da da” is the highlight, creating a memorable performance in the MV.

The impressive choreography and melody of WA DA DA
The impressive choreography and melody of WA DA DA

However, since the lineup of KEP1ER was determined based on fan votes, the debut MV’s line and screen time distribution quickly drew controversy as soon as it was released. Solo fans of each member have mixed reactions and demand justice for their bias, especially Kim Chaehyun and Huening Bahiyyih

Chaehyun is a talented former SM trainee who used to train with aespa members. After leaving SM Entertainment, she competed in ‘Girls Planet 999’ and won 1st place. Huening Bahiyyih, who debuted at No.2 on the show, is one of the most popular members of the group and also known as the younger sister of TXT’s Huening Kai. Many fans expressed their dissatisfaction when the screen time of Chaehyun and Huening Bahiyyih are not on par with their popularity.

  • Huening Bahhiyih has too little screen time. She only has a few lines with short sentences that are adjusted to a small volume.
  • I watched the MV because of Huening Bahhiyih but she didn’t appear until the second half.
  • Chaehyun is the most unfairly treated center in history.
  • I’ve never seen a center with such little screen time. Chaehyun deserves better.
  • Who is the actual center of this group?
  • While you are arguing who is the real center, I think Kim Dayeon stands out the most.
  • The music is catchy, the MV is nice, their visuals are amazing but the choreography is so boring.
  • I can’t stand the choreography of this song.
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