Karina’s rumored boyfriend Lee Jae-wook has consistently mentioned his ideal type for 3 years

Actor Lee Jae-wook, who is caught up in dating rumors with aespa's Karina, is attracting attention for his ideal type revealed in a past interview

Dispatch exclusively reported on the dating rumors between Karina and Lee Jae-wook on Feb 27th.

The media outlet explained that the two fell in love after meeting for the first time at the “Prada” FW Fashion Show held in Milan, Italy on Jan 14th. People close to the two told the media outlet, “It seems that they fell in love at first sight. They fell in love from the moment they first met at the fashion show.”

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The media outlet also mentioned their dating style. According to the media outlet, Karina, who currently lives with her members, mainly visits the neighborhood where Lee Jae-wook lives. The two enjoyed their dates quietly walking in deserted residential area parks.

In connection with this, Lee Jae-wook’s ideal type mentioned in a past interview is gaining attention.

Lee Jae-wook consistently mentioned his ideal type, characterized by being “positive and bright”, in various places such as fashion magazines and the press.

In an interview reported by Maeil Business Newspaper in 2019, when asked what character in MBC’s drama “Extraordinary You” was closest to his ideal type, he chose Eun Dan-oh.

karina-lee jaewook

He said, “In terms of the character’s personality in the drama, it’s Eun Dan-oh. She has a bright, positive attitude and a spirit that never gives up.”

Also, he mentioned his ideal type on the YouTube channel “Reporter Eun’s LIT NEWS” in 2020.

When asked “What is your favorite type of person of the opposite sex?“, he replied, “A positive person.” When asked “Who is your favorite singer?“, he immediately said “IU“, causing laughter.

Furthermore, in an interview with Esquire fashion magazine conducted in 2021, he mentioned more specific characteristics of his ideal type than before.

He revealed his ideal type, “I have quite severe mood swings. I need someone who can hold me well and lead me in a good direction, a very clear, bright and positive woman.”

Currently, a representative from Lee Jae-wook’s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We are currently checking the dating rumors.” Karina’s agency SM Entertainment has not yet made a statement.

Source: Wikitree

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