K-pop music videos that were filmed at the same locations 

These are the most used filming locations of K-pop MVs that you must have seen at least once. 

Eye-catching MVs with aesthetic sets are one of the most iconic parts of K-pop. Did you notice that many K-pop MVs have scenes with the same backgrounds? That is because they were filmed at the exact same places. Let’s find out which are the MVs that were shot at these popular locations. 


I Got The Boy (Girls’ Generation) – Whoz That Girl (EXID)

I Got A Boy” MV is one of the most colorful and visually pleasing MVs of Girls’ Generation. In the dance break, the girls perform on a special red and gold background with unique shapes.  

Girls’ Generation’s legendary dance break background in I Got A Boy 

This background also appears in EXID‘s “Whoz That Girl” MV. However, in EXID’s MV, instead of red and gold, it is red and white. 

EXID filmed their MV at the same place Girls’ Generation filmed I Got A Boy 

Listen To My World (Oh My Girls) – Fire (BTS) – Knock (KNK)

Did you know that 3 MVs including “Listen To My World” (Oh My Girls), “Fire” (BTS) and “Knock” (KNK) were filmed at the same location? You may have not noticed this because in each MV, the empty pool was set up and later edited differently to match each group’s concept. 

BANG BANG BANG (BIGBANG) – Run (BTS) – Dramarama (MONSTA X) – My Pace (Stray Kids) – DALLA DALLA (ITZY)

There are a lot of K-pop MVs with scenes in a tunnel, and all 5 MVs for “Bang Bang Bang“, “Run“, “Dramarama“, “My Pace” and “DALLA DALLA” were filmed at the exact same tunnel. They share the same filming location, but each MV still gives off different vibes. 

Call Me Baby (EXO) – DOPE (BTS)

Not only did the songs come out in the same year, the two MVs for Call Me Baby (EXO) and DOPE (BTS) were filmed at the same location as well. However, the lighting and setting of each MV make it difficult for fans to realize EXO and BTS shot their MVs in the same room. 

Black Swan (BTS) – 2U (Kang Daniel)

Fans can easily notice that the MVs for “Black Swan” (BTS) and 2U (Kang Daniel) were both filmed at the beautiful Los Angeles Theater in the historic Broadway Theater District in Downtown LA. 

1004 (B.A.P) – Like Ooh Ahh (TWICE)

Many K-pop groups love to film their MVs at an amusement park. B.A.P and TWICE both went to Yongma Land park to shoot theirs. This is a tiny and abandoned park, but it makes a perfect setting for MVs once the lights are turned on. The Merry Go Round is the most famous place of the park that is often seen in idols’ MVs. 

Stay (BLACKPINK) – Wind (F.T. Island)

The MVs for BLACKPINK’s “Stay” and F.T. Island’s “Wind” have similar scenes that were filmed in the same building hall. But due to different lighting and editing, F.T. Island’s MV has a warm color while BLACKPINK’s MV gives off sad and lonely vibes. 

When watching these MVs, it may be difficult to recognize they were filmed at the same locations because the angle, lights and settings are all different. This is what makes K-pop idols’ MVs unique. 

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