BTS V Ranks Highest Among Korean Celebrities in Top 1000 Influencers in the US

Hype Auditor, announced that as of 2024, V was selected as the 9th most influential influencer in the US, after analyzing the most popular Instagram accounts in the US.

Despite not having any special activities due to his military service, V is still receiving much love and attracting high attention in the US.

In this list, V is the only Korean star to make it to the top 10 alongside top-ranked names like Ronaldo, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande.

bts v

V’s Instagram followers have surpassed 63.94 million. According to the analysis of V’s Instagram followers by Hype Auditor, the US ranks first with 19% in the country-wise ranking. More than 12.15 million Americans are following V’s Instagram.

While Instagram followers of Korean stars are mainly based in Asia, V has secured the most followers in the US, proving his unparalleled popularity and mainstream recognition in the US. 

As of 2024, V also holds the highest rank among Koreans in the ‘Top 1000 Influencers’ in all categories, ranking 11th globally. In the music category, he holds the highest rank among male singers worldwide and in the US, ranking 5th as an Asian star, despite his military service.

bts v

The list of the top influencers reflects high topicality and popularity in various fields such as music, movies, business, economy, sports, and lifestyle simultaneously.

V holds the highest rank among Korean celebrities with his record of 6th globally, 4th in the US, and 1st in the music category worldwide for male singers.

Last year, V was selected as the most searched K-pop idol in the US and worldwide Google Trends and has held the top spot as the most searched K-pop idol in the worldwide Google Trends for 8 years since 2016. In 2021 and 2022, V ranked 1st among Asian celebrities in the Google Worldwide Trends.

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