Yoon Jung-hee Investigated By Prosecution As Witness In ‘Kakao CEO’ Husband’s Embezzlement Case

The prosecution investigates Kakao’s acquisition of a drama production company with actress Yoon Jung-hee as a witness

On December 5th, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office said, “We are investigating Kakao Entertainment’s Investment Strategy Division CEO Lee Joon-ho and Kakao Entertainment’s CEO Kim Sung-soo”.

In 2020, Kakao acquired the production company BARAM Pictures with 20 billion won. The prosecution is focusing on the fact that Kakao purchased this company, which had been suffering operating deficit for years with a capital of 100 million won, at a higher price compared to its market value and caused damage to it.

yoon jung hee

Prosecutors suspect that Lee Joon-ho, who used to work in Kakao’s Sales Division at the time of the acquisition, conspired with CEO Kim Sung-soo to benefit from the price difference by having Lee Joon-ho’s wife Yoon Jung-hee investing in BARAM Pictures.

Yoon Jung-hee has been investigated as a witness, but there’s a possibility that her status will be changed to a suspect depending on the investigation progress. The prosecution identified evidence of embezzlement and initiated the investigation while looking into SM Entertainment’s stock price manipulation case handed over from the Financial Supervisory Service.

On November 22nd, Kakao Group’s Pangyo Agit Office was raided and related data were secured.

Meanwhile, 2000 Miss Korea contestant Yoon Jung-hee made her debut in the drama “Dear Heaven” in 2005. She held her wedding in Bali, Indonesia in 2015 and has one son and one daughter.

Source: Daum

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