K-Netizens Rank 4th Gen Girl Groups: NewJeans is the Only S-tier? 

A recent Pann post ranking 4th gen girl groups in a tier chart has been gaining attention.

On July 2nd, a trending post on the online community Pann titled “4th Generation Girl Group Ranking Tier Chart” captured much attention.


According to the original poster, 4th gen girl groups are ranked as follows:

“S Tier: NewJeans

A Tier: IVE, aespa, LE SSERAFIM

B Tier: STAYC, NMIXX, Kep1er

C Tier: CLASS:y, Weeekly, Billlie

D Tier: CSR, H1-KEY, LIGHTSUM, Cignature

E Tier: TRI.BE, ILY:1

Groups that are not 4th Gen: ITZY, (G)I-DLE, Everglow, GWSN, Cherry Bullet”

Original post: Pann

Other netizens left comments:

  • What’s with this old-fashioned post?
  • What are you doing alone?
  • Everyone knows this is just nonsense. 
  • aespa is going to Jamsil and Tokyo Dome, NewJeans is only topping the charts.
  • NewJeans is not 4th gen. They seem like 5th gen on their own. They don’t fit the image of 4th gen girl groups and feel like they have pioneered a new genre called NewJeans
  • Shouldn’t aespa in the same tier as NewJeans? 
  • NewJeans should be put in Rank 0. They are different from other 4th gen groups. The competition for Rank 1 is just for the rest. Even experts consider NewJeans as the top of the 4th generation.
  • These days, when ranking something like this, the power of concerts is highly valued. That’s why ITZY is having fun touring at domes, and Kep1er also earns a lot of money by touring in Japan, so it seems fitting for them to be in Rank B… As for aespa, they could be one rank higher. Of course, I acknowledge that NewJeans is currently the top in terms of popularity. But, the sense of public recognition is different.
  • NewJeans is receiving a lot of pressure
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